Old Derren interviews added

18th August 2015  

I’ve added a couple of old Derren interviews to the interviews page for reference. Seeing as it’s been so long since I have paid any attention to the site I was wondering if I could increase its popularity in Google. I know there is one thing I could do: give away Derren Brown secrets, then people would flock to the… Read more »

Picked to take part in Derren TV show

15th August 2015  

WOW! It’s been 6 years since I touched this site. The reason for the update of the site comes about in part because I randomly saw a Derren tweet asking for volunteers to take part in his new TV show. Out of curiosity and intrigue – and knowing that I am an INTJ personality – I applied and duly filled… Read more »

The Events – new TV show

19th September 2009  

Derren’s new show The Events is a four-part long series that started on Wednesday night where Derern pursuades the British population that he can predict the 9th September lottery result live on TV. The next three episodes feature Derren trying to ‘Control the Nation’, ‘be a Psychic Spy’ and ‘Beating the Casino’. I’ve done a little write up about The… Read more »

An Evening Of Wonders tour dates and new book

21st March 2008  

Again, more than a little while since the last update. I’ve updated the TV programmes page, products page and spruced a couple of things up. Derren released a book intended for the general public, titled Tricks of the Mind. This is what the man himself says about his latest book: "Magic isn’t about fakes and switches and dropping coins into… Read more »

New 2006 tour and International Magic Convention

28th November 2005  

I haven’t bothered to update for a while now, so let’s see what the old man has been up to… For starters Derren was a special guest at the 34th International Magic Convention where he gave an interview, showed some clips of his new series and did a question and answers session. But less about Derren, I want to talk… Read more »

Website refresh

6th August 2005  

  Pah. So much for letting this site come to an end! Currently people keep asking me to make websites for them and I, unwisely, agree; only problem is that lack of content from some – you all know who you are – so in a moment of madness I redesigned the site… again. I haven’t decided if I like… Read more »


29th June 2005  

I have been very busy lately and I was going to let this site come to it’s natural end, but I hate out of date sites and therefore I’ve updated it. There are quite a few extra articles in the interviews section, as well as the latest radio interview files. I’ve also added a few extra pieces to the My… Read more »

Message on forum

20th May 2005  

Derren left this message on his forum. I think it is set to air at 10pm. “Apologies for not letting you guys know sooner – we haven’t had a minute. “The Gathering” is Derren’s new special and goes out on the 29th May on C4. It is a recording of a special live performance, which is made up largely of… Read more »

Inside Your Ears: A Derren Brown Fanthology

29th April 2005  

It has arrived. It’s finally here. Inside Your Ears: A Derren Brown Fanthology has been compiled by Mr. Twain and can be freely downloaded from InsideYourEars.co.uk The CD is absolutely fantastic and actually rather addictive. It has been on repeat for several days on my computer already. Even my song is on there – my mother will be so proud… Read more »

Trick of the Mind

9th April 2005  

Derren’s new series, Trick of the Mind is set to preview on E4 on the 11th April and will be shown on Channel Four on the 15th April. I’m sure this new series will be excellent, especially given its large budget, so expect some larger effects and some well known faces; be sure to tune in.