Picked to take part in Derren TV show

15th August 2015  
  • WOW! It’s been 6 years since I touched this site.
  • The reason for the update of the site comes about in part because I randomly saw a Derren tweet asking for volunteers to take part in his new TV show. Out of curiosity and intrigue – and knowing that I am an INTJ personality – I applied and duly filled out the questionnaire (I filled the questionnaire out honestly, not with a Derren-skew because that would have been unfair and dishonest). I got invited to a session involving “various tests and experiments”. From looking at Twitter I think there were 4 sessions across two days.

    We had to sign a contract (which I now regret not taking a photo of because now I can’t remember exactly what it said) which talked about copyright and having an optional session with a hypnotherapist. It came as no surprise to the group (as they were all familiar with his work) that Derren wouldn’t be at the session.

    I have little idea of what he was looking for or what the content of the show/s would be, other than he didn’t want me because I wasn’t called back! From the way the session went I would guess – and this is purely conjecture – that suggestible followers who don’t typically go out of their way to perform good deeds would be selected for a callback.

  • I have added the following into the products page:

  • DVDs

  • Derren Brown: The Specials
  • Derren Brown: An Evening Of Wonders
  • Derren Brown: Enigma
  • Derren Brown Live Collection
  • Derren Brown: The Experiments
  • Derren Brown: Svengali
  • Derren Brown: Infamous
  • Books

  • Portraits
  • Confessions of a Conjuror
  • I’ve also updated the programmes page with the following shows:
  • The Events (2009)
  • Hero at 30,000 Feet (2010)
  • Derren Brown Investigates (2010)
  • Miracles for Sale(2011)
  • The Experiments (2011)
  • Apocalypse (2012)
  • Fear and Faith (2012)
  • The Great Art Robbery (2013)

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