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9th January 2005  
  • Happy New Year everyone! A new year should bring about new beginnings and changes, so they say, so I have added a new section to the site, called My Thoughts. I hope to fill it with my thoughts, experiences and various aspects of magic and maybe a little about Derren (well, it’s a website about him so he must feature somewhere!).

    I realised that my views on magic had changed somewhat since making this site and that I didn’t have a section to express them, so the new page has sprung up from the proverbial woodwork (or some hidden place in my frontal lobe, you decide!). I’ve written a few pieces already and they will be put there hopefully when time is a little more permitting. I also have many more ideas for pieces I want to write. I have no idea why I want to write but I just have this feeling of wanting to, probably to clarify my thinking process on my latest change of direction.

    For the time being however, I have put my views about Derren Borwn: Messiah on the new page as I realised that if I didn’t do it soon it would never get done. Please feel free to nag me about getting work done anytime you like; sometimes I need a kick start to get me going!

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