Merry Christmas

27th December 2004  
  • Christmas has been and gone and the end of the year is nearly approaching, so I send a rather belated message of Merry Christmas and wish you all a very Happy and prosperous New Year. I hope you all had a fantastic time, received all the presents you hope for and enjoyed a well earned break (and I’m sure even Derren managed to fit one day off in his unrelenting schedule).

    The year has past with such swiftness I feel as though I have been caught in pocket of space-time which has warped several times around me, tied in a knot and swung around in a sling shot. The past year has provided many happy as well as a few sad times, as I’m sure is the case for everyone, but we must retain and relish the better times and try to build on the all the other less happy times. We must also look ahead into the future and all do our part in making the world a better place; it may seem hard at times but if we each do a little then on the larger scale it will have a more forceful impact.

  • And on the note of looking forward to the new year, I urge you all to keep your diaries free for the 7th January as Channel Four will be showing another one-off special – Derren Brown: Messiah.

    Derren left this message on his official forum:

    “Hello, hope you all are fine and dandy. There has been talk of a new special and a series, so I’ll let you know all I can at the moment. I’ve just filmed a special which is currently due to air on Jan 7th, and am also working on the next series, which is due to insult you in your spacious living rooms or trendy converted open-plan warehouse lofts some time around April. Can’t tell you much about the special yet, but there’s already been some inaccurate speculation in the Daily Mail as to what it is. They’re way off the mark, bless ’em. So if you read that, don’t take it at all seriously.
    Have a happy Crimbo, and I hope you all get what you want. I have several thousand copies of the last dvd going cheap.
    PS Read some scandalous nonsense about me having a break before Christmas. I wish.”

    He has also been quoted as saying

    “I’m not a Messiah: that’s the point of the show. But could I be?”

    The details of what is exactly going to be featured in the show are rather sketchy and are for the moments probably being kept under lock and key with 24 hour surveillance, but I’m sure nearer the date a few details will be leaked to the press to ensure a national outcry complete with a switch-board meltdown number of complaints to ensure Derren’s national record is upheld and his Photoshop-edited satanic portrait is spread across the national press all in time for his new tour. Oh, where is Max Clifford when you need him?

    Personally, I can see several routes the programme may take, all of which formulated to provide a controversial path and possible uneasy viewing for those who may not have “questioned their belief system”, to use Derren’s word’s of wisdom. A few years ago (or was it longer, the years seem to merge) I reached the age where I began to question the common conceptions of religion and have spent many an hour debating with my mother therefore I will probably find the programme interesting on several levels but I can also see others being hugely offended, so if you are someone with a nervous disposition, I urge you not to watch the programme, instead make several calls to Channel Four and the Broadcasting Standards Commision. And if you ask nicely I may even provide a template so you can write to Ofcom instead.

    Humm… I wonder what effects he will perform? Feed the five thousand with his sleeves rolled up? Make a man blind then make him see? Or even transfigurate!? No, seriously, I will really look forward to the 7th (as well as the newspapers the next day).

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