Inside Your Ears: A Derren Brown Fanthology

29th April 2005  
  • It has arrived. It’s finally here. Inside Your Ears: A Derren Brown Fanthology has been compiled by Mr. Twain and can be freely downloaded from

    The CD is absolutely fantastic and actually rather addictive. It has been on repeat for several days on my computer already. Even my song is on there – my mother will be so proud (or maybe not).

    The CD art work was produced by Single Serving Jack. He is a fantastic artist and has just made a website where it is possible to buy original and prints of his brilliant work.

  • Those of you who have visited my site before may have noticed something a little different. What is it, what is it? Is it bugging you yet? OK, I relent; I have updated the style of the website. It wasn’t too aesthetically pleasing before and looked as though it been stuck in an eighty’s time warp. Hopefully this format should be easier on the eyes as well as easier to navigate. Please don’t complain about a lack of a new photos page; I still need to write that. I also need to write a lab report and revise for my exams so the photos page may not be updated for a little while. Oh, I’m sure all you teenage girly fans are devastated. If this news has left you feeling suicidal, please contact the Samaritans 😉
  • The Trick of the Mind DVD has been released and can be purchased from all good DVD retailers. Come on, you know where to go, I’m not providing any more free advertising.
  • Continue watching E4 at 10.30pm on Mondays and Channel Four on Fridays at 9.30 for the current series of Trick of the Mind II.
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