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Old Derren interviews added

18th August 2015  

I’ve added a couple of old Derren interviews to the interviews page for reference. Seeing as it’s been so long since I have paid any attention to the site I was wondering if I could increase its popularity in Google. I know there is one thing I could do: give away Derren Brown secrets, then people would flock to the… Read more »


29th June 2005  

I have been very busy lately and I was going to let this site come to it’s natural end, but I hate out of date sites and therefore I’ve updated it. There are quite a few extra articles in the interviews section, as well as the latest radio interview files. I’ve also added a few extra pieces to the My… Read more »

Interview by the Sunday Herald

12th February 2005  

An old interview by the Sunday Herald has been added to the Interviews Page. Also an Andy Nyman interview has been added. Andy Nyman is one of Derren’s co-writers and creator and directs Derren’s stage shows as well. He is a very talented mentalist in his own right; please be sure to visit

Interviews page updated with questions answered by Derren

7th November 2004  

The Interviews Page has been updated with questions answered by Derren through TV Members of the public were invited to pose questions to Derren for the launch of the fantastic website which has background information, interviews and exclusive products from television magicians. There is also a Magicians’ Only area where magic related products can be purchased. Have a look:… Read more »

Magic Cafe question and answer

18th September 2004  

During the 14th to 16th September 2004 Derren kindly gave up a lot of his time to answer questions from the members of The Magic Cafe. Visit Magic Cafe Interview to see the complete transcript. Some of his answers are very interesting and provide an insight into his unique thinking on the broad subject of magic.